Khunab Solar Development: McTaggarts PV1

Development of McTaggarts PV1 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Facility Near Uppington, Northern Cape Province

Project Name: McTaggarts PV1

Applicant: McTaggarts PV1 (Pty) Ltd

Proposed Activity: The development of a photovoltaic (PV) solar facility with a contracted capacity of up to 75MW.  The development footprint will be approximately 190ha and will include the following infrastructure:

  • Solar PV panels;
  • Centralised inverter stations or string inverters;
  • Cabling between the panels, to be laid underground where practical;
  • An on-site facility substation to facilitate the connection between the solar PV facility to the electricity grid;
  • An access road to the development area with a maximum width of 6m;
  • Internal access roads within the PV panel array area with a maximum width of 5m;
  • A temporary laydown area; and
  • Operation and Maintenance buildings including a gate house and security building, control centre, offices, warehouses, a workshop and visitors centre.

Location: The PV facility will be located on Portion 3 of the Farm McTaggarts Camp 453 and Portion 12 of the Farm Klip Punt 452 within the Kai !Garib Local Municipality of the greater ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Northern Cape Province.  The broader study area for McTaggarts PV1 borders the Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality to the east.

Basic Assessment Process: In terms of Sections 24 and 24D of the National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998) and Government Notice R114, as read with Government Notices R324 – R327, as amended, a Basic Impact Assessment is required for the development of McTaggarts PV1.  Savannah Environmental (Pty) Ltd is undertaking the required basic assessment and public participation process for the project.

To obtain further information and register on the project database, please submit your name, contact information and interest in the project to:

Savannah Environmental

P.O. Box 148, Sunninghill, 2157

Tel: 011 656 3237

Fax: 086 684 0547



Documents for public review are available for download.

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