Renewable Energy Development Zones (REDZ) & Power Corridors Process


The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for Wind and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy in South Africa (CSIR, 2015) has identified 8 Renewable Energy Development Zones (REDZs) that are of strategic importance for large scale wind and solar PV development in terms of Strategic Integrated Project 8: Green Energy in Support of the South African Economy, as well as associated strategic transmission corridors, including the rollout of its supporting transmission and distribution infrastructure, in terms of Strategic Integrated Project 10: Electricity Transmission and Distribution.

On 17 February 2016, Cabinet approved the:

  • Renewable Energy Development Zones (REDZs) for large scale wind and solar photovoltaic development;
  • associated Strategic Transmission Corridors which support areas where long term electricity grid will be developed;
  • process of basic assessment to be followed and reduced decision-making timeframe for processing of applications for environmental authorisation in terms of NEMA; and
  • acceptance of routes which have been pre- negotiated with all landowners as part of applications for environmental authorisations for powerlines and substations.

The procedure to be followed in applying for environmental authorisation for a large-scale project in a REDZ or in a Power Corridor was formally gazetted on 16 February 2018 (in GN113 and GN114 – these can be downloaded below).  New wind or PV projects located within one of the eight REDZ areas, and new electricity grid expansion within the 5 Power Corridors will now be subject to a Basic Assessment and not a full EIA process, as well as a shortened timeframe of 57 days for the processing of an Application for Environmental Authorisation.

Contact us now for any assistance with projects in the REDZ areas and/or Power Corridors, or with any queries pertaining to the new environmental process.

A map illustrating the REDZ zones as well as the strategic transmission corridors within South Africa can be downloaded below.

Documents for public review are available for download.

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