Khai-Ma & Korana WEF and Korana SEF


KHAI-MA & KORANA WIND ENERGY FACILITIES (DEA REF:.14/12/16/3/3/2/680 & DEA REF:.14/12/16/3/3/2/682) AND THE KORANA SOLAR ENERGY FACILITY (DEA REF:. 14/12/16/3/3/2/683)

Project Names: Khai-Ma & Korana Wind Energy Facilities (WEF) and the Korana Solar Energy Facility with Associated Infrastructure, Northern Cape Province.

Applicant: South Africa Mainstream Renewable Power Development (Pty) Ltd

Proposed Amendments: In the Environmental Impact Assessment Reports dated 2015, two access road alternatives were proposed and assessed, i.e. Alternative 1 (Namies Suid North) and Alternative 2 (Poortjies South) for the Khai-Ma & Korana Wind Energy Facilities and Korana Solar Energy Facility.

· Alternative 1 (Namies Suid North) – This route is an existing gravel road which is approximately 49.5km long with an average width of about 7.5 m. For the Namies Suid North access adjustments to the width and vertical alignment will have to be undertaken before safe abnormal load access can be guaranteed. There are also sections through the proposed land parcels that may require widening to accommodate abnormal load access. Approximately 5.3 km of new road will have to be constructed within the site.

· Alternative 2 (Poortjies South) – This route is an existing gravel road that is approximately 63km long with an average width of about 10 m. The access road is longer but has a more suitable vertical and horizontal alignment for abnormal access. There is only one corner that may require horizontal re-alignment within the current road reserve.

As a result of the required adjustments required for Alternative 1, as detailed above, South Africa Mainstream Power Developments (Pty) Ltd is requesting the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to amend the authorised access road alternative (Alternative 1) in the environmental authorisations dated 28 May 2015 (as amended) and 19 May 2015 (as amended) to Alternative 2 for both wind energy facilities and the solar energy facility.

Project Location: The project sites are located in the Khai-Ma Local Municipality, Namakwa District Municipality, Northern Cape Province on the following properties:

» Portion 1 of the farm Namies Suid 212;

» Portion 2 of the farm Namies Suid 212;

» Portion 1 of the Farm Poortje 209; and

» Remaining Extent of the Farm Poortje 209

In terms of Condition 5 of the Environmental Authorisations dated 28 May 2015 and 19 May 2015 respectively and Regulation 31 of the EIA Regulations of December 2014, as amended, it is possible for an applicant to apply, in writing, to the competent authority for a change or deviation from the project description to be approved.

Motivation Report available for public review and comment: Savannah Environmental has compiled Motivation Reports in support of the Amendment Applications. The Motivation Reports are available for public review and comment between 29 July 2020 and 28 August 2020. The Motivation Reports can be downloaded from Savannah Environmental’s website ( CD copies will be made available upon request. The due date for written comment is 28 July 2020.

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June 2020

Documents for public review are available for download.

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