Proposed Development of a Gas Transmission Pipeline in Nigel


Project Name:  Development of a gas transmission pipeline, Nigel Gauteng Province.

 Applicant: Iliza Gas (Pty) Ltd

 Proposed Activity:  Iliza Gas (Pty) Ltd, is proposing the development of a gas transmission pipeline in Nigel, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng Province, including: Alternative 1, Route C – Gas transmission pipeline from the local distribution node to the Consol factory (approx. 10km).

Project Location: The proposed gas transmission pipeline is located in Nigel, Gauteng Province.  The proposed gas transmission pipeline will fall within the jurisdiction of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. The pipeline will run in the road reserve for its entirety, and the affected properties, adjacent to the road reserve, will include the following:

Varkensfontein 169 RE of portion 31 Grootfontein 165 RE
Grootfontein 165 portion 42 Grootfontein 165 portion RE/46
Grootfontein 165 portion 6 Grootfontein 165 Portion 76
Grootfontein 165 portion 3 Grootfontein 165 Portion 74
Grootfontein 165 Portion 44 Grootfontein 165 Portion 75
Grootfontein 165 portion 41/RE Grootfontein 165 Portion 46
Pretoriusstad 104 portion 2 Pretoriusstad 101

Basic Assessment Process:  In terms of Sections 24 and 24D of NEMA, as read with the EIA Regulations 2014 of GNR324 – R327, a Basic Assessment process is required to obtain Environmental Authorisation for the proposed project.  An application for Environmental Authorisation for the project has been lodged with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD), as the competent authority.  Savannah Environmental is undertaking the required environmental impact assessment and public participation process.

Basic Assessment Report available for Review:  The Basic Assessment Report is available for review and comment from Thursday, 20 June 2019 to Monday, 22 July 2019 and can be views at the  Nigel Public Library  or downloaded from our website (see below). the due date for written comment is Monday 22 July 2019

To obtain further information and register on the project database, please submit your name, contact information and interest in the project to:

Nicolene Venter at Savannah Environmental
P.O. Box 148, Sunninghill, 2157
Tel: 011 656 3237
Fax: 086 684 0547
Email: public

Documents for public review are available for download.

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