Spreeukloof WEF S54 Audit Report




Notification of Submission of Section 54(A)(3) Audit Reports to the Competent Authority

As a registered Interested and Affected Party for the Spreeukloof Wind Energy Facility, please be advised that in terms of Section 54(a)(3) of the EIA regulations (GNR 326, 7 April 2018), Savannah Environmental (Pty) Ltd has undertaken an external environmental compliance audit and prepared an external environmental compliance audit report assessing Rainmaker Energy Projects (Pty) Ltd’s compliance with the EMPr applicable to the project.

Rainmaker Energy Projects (Pty) Ltd received authorisation for the Spreeukloof Wind Energy Facility on the 2nd November 2012 (DEA ref: 12/12/20/1778/5), following an application for split of the Dorper Wind Farm EA (DEA ref: 12/12/20/1778).  The project has since been amended as follows:

  • 12/12/20/1778/5 (2013): Turbine specifications amendment (hub height and rotor diameter);
  • 12/12/20/1778/5/AM3 (2016): Extensions of validity period; and
  • 12/12/20/1778/5/AM4 (2018): Extension of validity period;

The Spreeukloof Wind Energy Facility includes a maximum of 21 wind turbine units with concrete foundations, underground electrical distribution cabling between the turbines, a shared substation (among the various phases of the Dorper WEF), internal access roads of ~15km long and 6m wide, a small office and workshop, laydown areas of approximately 0.5ha and an overall generation capacity of 52.5MW, comprising a development area of approximately 1309.2ha. Spreeukloof WEF comprises the following property:

  • Portion 18 of Farm Spreeukloof 59 near Sterkstroom.

In terms of Section 54(A)(3) of the EIA Regulations 2014 of GNR 326, an independent external compliance audit (“S54 Audit”) is required to verify compliance towards the Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) for the project.  This notification hereby notifies all potential and registered interested and affected parties, including organs of state with applicable jurisdiction as well as the competent authority, of the submission of the external compliance audit reports to the competent authority.  These reports are available at https://www.savannahsa.com/public-documents/other/ for 14 days from date of this notification.

Please direct any queries, information requests or comments to the DEA compliance directorate, at the following:

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Nicolene Venter

Public Participation and Social Consultant

Email:  publicprocess@savannahsa.com


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